Jessie Orvidas Noonan   /   Graphic Design

Seattle, Washington

I am a graphic designer. My preference is straight-up Print Design (paper and ink smell so good), even though I've been told web is where the money is (I get it). I can do a little of that, too, and work really well with my husband, Peter. We've made some Good Stuff together. I've worked for a Merchandise Agency and a small Marketing Company, where I've created graphics for some Pretty Neat Products.
When I'm feeling really inspired and a little like making a mess, I like to get out some tactiles. I think it's always wise to remember some roots now and then. I am also a wife, a mama of a sweet little boy named Leo and a most beautiful cat, very much into cooking, enjoying great food with my family and discovering delicious European wines. I'm always interested in good ideas, new projects and I love getting to know people, so please, send me a message if you'd like to work together or have a note worth sharing.